The Future of Innovation Begins with Our New Cloud

Hyperfusion is one of GCC’s region largest Generative AI Cloud powered by the latest NVIDIA and AMD technology solutions. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service ensures true data sovereignty, operating in compliance to the highest industry security standards.

Two Types of High-performance Cloud Solutions.

We propose two clouds. H100 & A6000 Ada

NVIDIA H100 Cloud GPUs

Opt for the NVIDIA H100 for your enterprise AI needs – experience AI training that’s up to 9 times quicker on the largest models. Our configuration includes high density pods  of 160 GPUs each, through the use of NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand platform, ensuring efficient and rapid training of LLMS and complicated ML applications. 

This setup enables companies to access Generative AI solutions significantly faster. Moreover, these H100 GPU pods are strategically located throughout our UAE data centers Tier 3 data centers. 

Experience speed, security, and innovation with NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

These GPUs are indispensable for handling large datasets, intricate simulations, and the demands of GenAI and HPC workflows. NVIDIA H100 Cloud GPUs represent a significant performance leap for large-scale GenAI and HPC workloads, offering dramatically improved capabilities over the previous-generation NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

H100 vs. A100

Up to 9X Higher AI Training
on Largest Models

Up to 30X Higher AI Inference
Performance on Largest Models

Up to 7X Higher Performance
for HPC Applications

Enjoy the improvements:

– Unprecedented speed in matrix computations, now applicable to an even wider range of GenAI and HPC workloads.

– Secure Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology, which divides the GPU into isolated, optimally sized instances, enhancing the quality of service (QoS) for smaller tasks. – AI training speeds up to 9 times faster and AI inference speeds up to 30 times faster compared to previous GPU generations.

For additional details on the NVIDIA H100 Cloud GPUs:

Hyperfusion H100

Sovereignty of Data

Hosted in GCC at Data Center Tier 3 specs

Non Blocking

Incorporating a non-blocking network into your cloud infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted communication flow, eliminating congestion and delays. It's akin to driving on a meticulously planned highway system, ensuring your data travels smoothly, maximizing efficiency, and delivering top-notch performance for your business needs.

24/7 Support

We understand that your sophisticated needs require our full attention to make sure you maximise your computing value. 

Advanced customized hardware and software optimization advisory 

Our team of experts is committed in making sure your computing journey is adequately customized to your needs, 

InfiniBand Pods of 160 GPUs​​

These pods are grouped into clusters and are interconnected using NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand platform. This arrangement provides an efficient and rapid method for training large language models (LLMs), enabling businesses to deploy Generative AI solutions much more quickly.


No Overbooking​​

We guarantee dedicated resources for every customer, ensuring optimal performance without the risk of overbooking.

Best-in-class Connectivity​​

Up to 10GB/s Download/Upload Symmetry 

Use Cases and Industries

Academia And Research

Climate Modeling: Researchers utilize H100 GPUs to perform complex climate simulations, helping predict changes in climate patterns and assess impacts on the environment.

Material Science: These GPUs are used to model and simulate new materials at the atomic level, accelerating the discovery of materials with desired properties for use in high-tech applications.

Financial Services

Algorithmic Trading: Traders use the H100's processing capabilities to run complex trading algorithms that analyze multiple variables at high speeds, helping firms capitalize on market opportunities in milliseconds.

Risk Management: Financial institutions employ these GPUs to simulate various economic and market scenarios to assess risk and optimize portfolios rapidly.

Fraud Detection: Banks and financial companies leverage the deep learning capabilities of H100 GPUs to analyze transaction patterns in real-time and detect anomalies that may indicate fraud.


H100 GPUs are critical in training the deep learning models that operate autonomous vehicles, processing vast amounts of sensory data to improve navigation and safety systems.

Simulation and Testing: Engineers can use these GPus for simulations that test vehicle safety and performance under various conditions without the need for physical prototypes.


Seismic Exploration: In the oil and gas industry, H100 GPUs accelerate the processing of seismic data to create detailed 3D maps of the earth's subsurface, improving the accuracy and efficiency of oil and gas exploration.

Renewable Energy Optimization: These GPUs are very efficient in optimizing operations and maintenance of renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, through predictive maintenance and performance analysis.


Medical Imaging: H100 GPUs are used to process and analyze medical images like MRIs and CT scans faster and more accurately, supporting radiologists in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Genomics: In genomic research, these GPUs accelerate the analysis of genetic data, helping to identify genetic markers linked to diseases and enabling personalized medicine approaches.

Drug Discovery: AI-driven platforms utilize H100 GPUs for molecular modeling and simulations that predict how new drugs will interact with biological systems, significantly speeding up the drug discovery process.

Use Cases and Industries

Academia & Research
Financial Services

Hyperfusion Cloud NVIDIA A6000 ADA GPUs


delivers exceptional performance and speed, ideal for engineers, architects, and scientists. Engineered with advanced capabilities, it supports engineers in creating sophisticated products through enhanced simulations and real-time rendering.

Architects can effortlessly manage complex 3D models professional innovation.

Architects can effortlessly manage complex 3D models and real-time visualization to design innovative structures. For scientists, the GPU’s powerful processing capabilities enable rapid data analysis and significant research advancements. The RTX A6000 is optimized with robust memory architecture and AI-accelerated workflows, making it a cornerstone for professional innovation.

Selected NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 use cases

  1. Visual and Simulation Processes.
  2. Renderings, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & CAE. 
  3. AI Model Training, High-Performance Inference and Data Science.